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Staff Fitness

Here's how it works

Heres-how-it-worksYour life is busy enough, so we’ve kept fitness simple.
Once your location chooses a staff fitness plan, you sign up, log your fitness goals, and get a fitness baseline.

We’ll offer hundreds of exercises, and track your progress as you build strength and endurance. You can even check out nutrition and fitness tips online to speed up your results.

Depending on the program chosen by your location, you can participate in on-site fitness classes and team competitions to keep you revved up!

We offer two types of programs: Self-Starter, and On-Site. Here are the details:


Self Starter Program

Our Self-Starter Program is an option for communities currently offering Live 2 B Healthy® to residents.

It’s free, and it includes:

  • Three great downloadable exercise routines with instructions and photos
  • Downloadable goal-tracker sheet
  • Dozens of fitness tips & healthy recipes

On-Site Program

Our On-Site Program is an option for communities that want their wellness dollars to work as hard as their staff, by getting an on-site fitness program with measurable results.

The On-Site Program includes all elements in the Self-Starter Program, plus:

  • Fitness classes three times each week (on-site, of course!) led by a nationally certified fitness trainer
  • Hundreds of Exercises for creating Customized Workouts
  • Monthly on-site Body Fat & Weight Measurements
  • Testing every 4 months compared to Baseline measurements (Balance, Cardio, and Strength)
  • Team Competitions, Individual Recognition, Contests, Give-aways and More!

Think this is a great program? Click here for a fact sheet to share with your manager.