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Staff Fitness Inspirations

They did it!

Team First National Bank

first-national-bank-in-sioux-falls-logoTeam Comments:  “[Live 2 B Healthy has] encouraged me to try something new.  I’m excited about attending and bummed when I have to miss a class.  [I can] see the benefits of the classes – my legs, arms and abs are stronger.  I believe the class is beneficial to people at all ages and at all skill levels.  Shelease (trainer) is great about explaining each exercise and helping if we are doing it incorrectly.  She is great and she makes it fun.  I appreciate how she keeps challenging us and pushing us to do more each time.  I appreciate how she is creative and finds new ways to do things.”


“It not only provides a convenient and fun workout, but more importantly, provides a structured workout that strengthens and tones all muscles.  Even those I have clearly not used in a long time.  Plus it is offered at various times and at an affordable price.  The instructor and other attendees make it fun and enjoyable.”

inspirations-1“It has helped me connect with my coworkers, get moving during the day and stay active.  Shelease really takes her time and cares about your form.  It’s great to get moving during the day and I always end up laughing – so fun!”